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College Today Courses


The College Today classes were developed to give high school seniors an opportunity to pursue college credit-bearing classes in the campus setting. Courses were developed to compliment, rather than compete with, existing high school classes. College Today tuition rate of $48 per credit hour is a 60% savings over regular GCC tuition!


Students are responsible for purchasing the required textbooks for College Today courses. To access information about books you will need, or to view or purchase books, visit the online bookstore .


Click on a Course ID to view a course description. Download the ACE Programs Registration Form 0 B to apply. Please review important Dates and Deadlines.


Please note that this schedule and tuition are subject to change. Classes need a minimum of ten students in order to run so please register by the deadline to help prevent courses from being unnecessarily cancelled. 


Fall 2011


Course Title Days Time Room
Batavia (main campus)
SPE 108-CND Public Speaking MW 7:00-8:15 Notre Dame
BIO 104-C1 Fundamentals of Cell Biology MW 9:00-11:00 D302
SOC 101-C1 Introductory Sociology MW  9:00-11:00 B307
PSY 101-C1 General Psychology MWF 11:15-12:15 T219
BIO 104-C2 Fundamentals of Cell Biology MW 12:10-2:10 D302
CSN 150-C1 Computer Repair MWF 12:15-2:15 D210/D205
SOC 101-C2 Introductory Sociology MW 12:15-2:15 B258
PSY 101-C2 General Psychology MW 1:15-2:30 B250
Albion Campus Center
PSY 101-C4 General Psychology MW 1:30-2:45 TBD
PSY 101-C4A General Psychology MW 1:30-2:45 TBD
SPE 108-C4 Public Speaking TR 1:30-2:45 TBD
Dansville Campus Center
BIO 104-CP9 Fundamentals of Cell Biology MW 9:00-11:00 TBD
MET 101-C1 Introduction to Meteorology      



*Hybrid courses consist of two hours class time and one hour online per week.  Internet access is required for hybrid courses.





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