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Getting off the ground with Tech Prep!

Together with the Genesee County Business Education Alliance, ACE’s Tech Prep helped develop and host the MST Explorers’ Camp for middle school students from July 19-22.

Bob Miller Flight Training gave free airplane rides to 30 middle school kids from the Genesee County, BEA Summer Career Camp.


Reducing number of Years in College Key to Real Savings!

In a recent New York Times article discussing the website “MyEdu” the suggestion was made that the best way to reduce the overall cost of a college education is to reduce the number of years spent pursuing a degree.   This concept seems like common sense, however many students spend a minimum of six years pursuing a four year degree. 

Slightly more than half of all college students nationally graduate in six years, not four, if at all. – Reeve Hamilton NYT

  At the community college level it has been observed that students often spend three to four years obtaining an associates degree, particularly in high demand areas of nursing, physical therapy assisting, and information technology.

Students who participate in the Accelerated Enrollment programs offered by Genesee Community College are already well on their way to reducing the number of years they will need to pay full college tuition.  By completing college credit courses at a fraction of the regular tuition Advanced Studies and College Today students can shave an entire year from their overall college investment. 

While paying approximately 40% of the regular tuition rate, ACE students typically earn 3-12 college credits during each of their Junior and Senior year of high school.  Unlike Advanced Placement, the students aren’t limited to their performance on one exam to earn the credit.  Instead of spending a year studying for an exam, Advanced Studies students spend the year participating in a college level course and earn their grade the same way they would in the college setting.  Courses such as FYE (First Year Experience) and CEP (Career and Education Planning) help students map out their future, another suggestion offered by the New York Times article.

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Summer Opportunities On Campus

ACE Students are eligible for the Genesee Promise+ Program, another way to Accelerate your Academic Success!

ACE Programs Launch New Blog

Whether you are a parent, student, or an educator the ACE Programs BLOG will provide you with a wide range of information about Accelerated College Enrollment.  From articles about how Accelerated College Enrollment is one of the most cost effective ways to pursue post-secondary education to course schedules, and up-to-the-minute news from ACE regarding special events and opportunties, the ACE Programs Blog will keep you well informed.

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