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Online Registration

With the October 2 Advanced Studies registration deadline quickly approaching many students are taking advantage of the 10% savings available by registering online.

Check out this video for step by step instructions!:  REGISTER ONLINE


Spring 2015 Registration Begins January 1


Using Degree Works

Many Advanced Studies students graduate from high school without ever realizing how close they were to having a COLLEGE DEGREE in hand! It is quick and easy to find out just how many, and which courses you would need to finish an Associate Degree at GCC.

You’ll be able to view your courses, grades, and compare your list against the requirements for a wide variety of degree programs. Your degree audit will allow you to see exactly how your courses fit into your future plans.

Completing an Associate Degree before continuing on to your 4-year college or university can be very beneficial.



GCC Announces New Math and Science Enrichment For Region’s Gifted and Talented Students

Research suggests that gifted and talented students are more likely to reach their full potential if they are immersed in enriched curriculum that matches their aptitude rather than their age. In order to assist the GLOW region in providing such opportunities, ACE Programs of Genesee Community College is pleased to announce a new program available to students demonstrating early signs of high potential in math and science.

The Math Science Preparatory program for students in 7th and 8th grade will be taught by full time GCC math and science faculty and expand upon the NYS math and science standards with content designed to prepare students for the academic rigor of college level science and mathematics. Students who successfully complete the two-year program will be eligible to participate in the Accelerated College Enrollment STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) Enrichment Program at Genesee Community College including an option to complete an Associate (AS) Degree in Engineering Sciences within months of high school graduation.

Participating in any of the ACE Programs allows students to gain transferable college credit at a greatly reduced tuition rate (1/3 the regular in-state tuition charged by GCC). While ACE programs have always provided opportunities for exceptionally motivated students to achieve enough college credits to potentially earn an associate degree, the STEM enrichment program will be the first opportunity for high school students to pursue a specific AS degree through GCC. The goal of the preparatory program is to provide students with the opportunity to prepare for successful participation in this accelerated course of study.

Although there are many gifted and talented students who would benefit from this type of preparatory instruction, ACE can only select 48 participants for the first semester of Math Science Prep to ensure the highest quality experience for each student. All applicants must be nominated by a math or science teacher and approved by a school counselor or principal. Nominations must be submitted by March 15, 2012. Students will be invited to complete the application process after review of the nomination. The application deadline is March 30, 2012. Those accepted into the program will be notified by May 1 and activities will begin during the summer of 2012.

While ACE Programs office has shared this information with all area middle schools and is seeking nominations, parents and students are encouraged to be proactive and seek nomination by contacting the ACE Programs office or their school counselor. Additionally, GCC will award two students one year scholarships to the program through the first annual GCC 6th grade Math/Science Scholar awards.

For more information contact: Karlyn M. Finucane, Program Specialist, ACE Programs (585) 343-0055 ext. 6320 or email

ACE Programs Provide Valuable Head Start for Ambitious Educational Careers

74% of Students entering 4-Year Colleges and Universities have goals well beyond Graduation.

As the academic year gets underway for the GLOW region High Schools, many students will be making important decisions that will affect the next decade or so of their lives.  If this sounds intense, it is!  Research suggests that over 70% of new college entrants plan to complete 6 or more years of study before entering the workforce.  Many of these students have economic factors in mind as they make this decision citing the ultimate goals of obtaining a higher quality job and earning higher wages as key reasons they are dedicating time, effort, and financial resources to this endeavor. 
When a High School student makes the decision to enroll for college credit through the Advanced Studies, College Today, and College Tech Prep Academies they are making major strides toward goals they may not realize until 8 to 10 years from now.  It is exciting to note that many students who take advantage of the Accelerated College Enrollment Programs leave their High School graduations already a full semester to full academic year ahead of their peers saving time and money as they travel down the sometimes lengthy higher education experience. 

As a student, parent of a student, or even just someone who knows a High School Junior or Senior planning to attend college in the future –  taking a look ahead toward all future goals can help you make the decisions today that will make the biggest contributions to your success.  As Accelerated Enrollment Program Specialists visit your school districts this fall they will provide information to each student enrolled in a college credit eligible High School Course regarding the registration process and the cost savings associated with completing college credits during High School. 

To recieve more information about Accelerated College Enrollment Programs available to you or the High School Student in your life simply click this button

and fill out the requested information.

To read the entire First Year Student Profile from the Chronicle of Higher Education visit:

Getting off the ground with Tech Prep!

Together with the Genesee County Business Education Alliance, ACE’s Tech Prep helped develop and host the MST Explorers’ Camp for middle school students from July 19-22.

Bob Miller Flight Training gave free airplane rides to 30 middle school kids from the Genesee County, BEA Summer Career Camp.

Reducing number of Years in College Key to Real Savings!

In a recent New York Times article discussing the website “MyEdu” the suggestion was made that the best way to reduce the overall cost of a college education is to reduce the number of years spent pursuing a degree.   This concept seems like common sense, however many students spend a minimum of six years pursuing a four year degree. 

Slightly more than half of all college students nationally graduate in six years, not four, if at all. – Reeve Hamilton NYT

  At the community college level it has been observed that students often spend three to four years obtaining an associates degree, particularly in high demand areas of nursing, physical therapy assisting, and information technology.

Students who participate in the Accelerated Enrollment programs offered by Genesee Community College are already well on their way to reducing the number of years they will need to pay full college tuition.  By completing college credit courses at a fraction of the regular tuition Advanced Studies and College Today students can shave an entire year from their overall college investment. 

While paying approximately 40% of the regular tuition rate, ACE students typically earn 3-12 college credits during each of their Junior and Senior year of high school.  Unlike Advanced Placement, the students aren’t limited to their performance on one exam to earn the credit.  Instead of spending a year studying for an exam, Advanced Studies students spend the year participating in a college level course and earn their grade the same way they would in the college setting.  Courses such as FYE (First Year Experience) and CEP (Career and Education Planning) help students map out their future, another suggestion offered by the New York Times article.

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Summer Opportunities On Campus

ACE Students are eligible for the Genesee Promise+ Program, another way to Accelerate your Academic Success!

ACE Programs Launch New Blog

Whether you are a parent, student, or an educator the ACE Programs BLOG will provide you with a wide range of information about Accelerated College Enrollment.  From articles about how Accelerated College Enrollment is one of the most cost effective ways to pursue post-secondary education to course schedules, and up-to-the-minute news from ACE regarding special events and opportunties, the ACE Programs Blog will keep you well informed.

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