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Wind Energy Comes to GCC

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The ACE Department and GCC have partnered with three area high schools (Batavia, Alexander and Pavilion) to bring wind energy to the campus. Federal Title II (Tech Prep) and Title I funds were used to purchase a wind turbine that has been installed on the roof. While this turbine will generate electricity for GCC it will mainly be used by the local high schools and Genesee Community College for science and engineering instruction. The turbine will be much smaller than many windmills, standing at only 70 feet. The Batavia Campus was identified as an ideal location for the turbine since it is believed to be the windiest location in Genesee County.

The turbine will generate a variety of wind and meteorological data that will be transmitted to a computer housed at the Batavia Campus. Students will use and analyze the data as part of their educational programs. In addition to the GCC and ACE science classes at least two of the high schools are developing Career and Technical Education courses that would specifically include use of the wind turbine. Hundreds of students will directly benefit from the equipment each year.

In addition to its small size, the wind turbine is very quiet, rated with a noise level of 35 decibels, which is softer than a typical conversation. One side benefit of the wind turbine is that will generate about 1,500 kilowatt hours of electricity a year, which will slightly decrease the College’s electricity bill.

Besides supporting educational programs, the wind turbine reflects the State University of New York’s system-wide commitment to an “energy smart” New York.


Cathie Hogan Honored as NISOD Award Winner

Each year the ACE Programs honor one of our teachers with the National Institute for Staff and Organizational Development (NISOD) annual award. This award emphasizes the importance of teaching and leadership excellence in institutions of higher education. Cathie Hogan was an obvious choice to be recognized as our honoree this year.
Cathie has been teaching at Lyndonville High School for 36 years with 16 of those years featuring active involvement in ACE Programs through both our Advanced Studies and College Tech Prep Programs.   She has shared her instructional talents  and subject area knowledge by offering several GCC courses through ACE including Principals of Business, Personal Money Management and First Year Experience.  Thanks to all her extra efforts and many talents as an educator, Cathie has provided college credit opportunities to hundreds of students in Lyndonville High School, cumulatively saving them well over one hundred thousand dollars in college tuition costs.

Cathie Hogan was congratulated by Edward Levinstein, Associate Dean of ACE Programs, at the Adjunct Dinner after receiving her NISOD award.

Cathie is the type of teacher who is always looking for new ideas, programs and other means of enhancing her students’ education and experiences. She has high expectations of her students and motivates them to reach their potential while at the same time making her lessons engaging and interesting.

Cathie worked with College Tech Prep and the other Business instructors to develop the Virtual Enterprise program in the GLOW Region that began in September 2003. She has led Lyndonville High School’s Virtual Company, M3 (Movies, Music and More) ever since. As a direct result of Cathie’s leadership in the past 8 years her students have won numerous Virtual Enterprise awards in the Rochester Region. Her students have also worked hard to fundraise throughout 7 of the last 8 years so they could attend the International Trade Fair in New York City where they have also been honored with numerous awards.

Cathie is very deserving of the NISOD award for her dedication to her students and her profession, as well as the level of excellence in teaching that she has exhibited. There are many students from Lyndonville High School who are better citizens for having her as a teacher.

Congratulations from the entire ACE Program Team go out to Cathie and to the entire Lyndonville School District.

Academy Programs Welcome New Students, Invite More

Health Academy Students met at the GCC Main Campus to review the exciting program activities available to them during the 2011-12 academic year.

In preparation for the upcoming school year the Health, Legal and IT academy students and their parents attended orientations at GCC and Genesee Valley Educational Partnership in the last week.   After reviewing the outline of the year long program, students received instructions to register online for their college courses, and the IT and Legal Academy students were given their first assignment which is due the first day of school.

The Legal Academy provides students with a complete overview of professions available within the State and Federal Government's vast Legal System.

These programs are open to high school seniors with an 80 or above overall GPA who are looking for a challenge during their senior year.  Students will work on curriculum in their field of choice, earn 15-17 college credits, and participate in job shadows and internships in order to help determine their long term career goals.  

Students from the IT Academy met at the Genesee Valley Educational Partnership to learn more about this high tech opportunity.

More information about the three different career academies can be found on the ACE Programs website:

Interested students may still apply.  Deadline is August 29th.  Contact Debbie Dunlevy at for details.