ACE Programs Provide Valuable Head Start for Ambitious Educational Careers

74% of Students entering 4-Year Colleges and Universities have goals well beyond Graduation.

As the academic year gets underway for the GLOW region High Schools, many students will be making important decisions that will affect the next decade or so of their lives.  If this sounds intense, it is!  Research suggests that over 70% of new college entrants plan to complete 6 or more years of study before entering the workforce.  Many of these students have economic factors in mind as they make this decision citing the ultimate goals of obtaining a higher quality job and earning higher wages as key reasons they are dedicating time, effort, and financial resources to this endeavor. 
When a High School student makes the decision to enroll for college credit through the Advanced Studies, College Today, and College Tech Prep Academies they are making major strides toward goals they may not realize until 8 to 10 years from now.  It is exciting to note that many students who take advantage of the Accelerated College Enrollment Programs leave their High School graduations already a full semester to full academic year ahead of their peers saving time and money as they travel down the sometimes lengthy higher education experience. 

As a student, parent of a student, or even just someone who knows a High School Junior or Senior planning to attend college in the future –  taking a look ahead toward all future goals can help you make the decisions today that will make the biggest contributions to your success.  As Accelerated Enrollment Program Specialists visit your school districts this fall they will provide information to each student enrolled in a college credit eligible High School Course regarding the registration process and the cost savings associated with completing college credits during High School. 

To recieve more information about Accelerated College Enrollment Programs available to you or the High School Student in your life simply click this button

and fill out the requested information.

To read the entire First Year Student Profile from the Chronicle of Higher Education visit:


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